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Customize and make a reservation for a unique aurora borealis tours package that suites your personal or your group needs.

Aurora Borealis Tours 

Arctic Tours Canada offer aurora hunting tours during aurora season. All aurora viewing tours are 4 hours. Additional viewing hours can be requested. 

Fall aurora season:  August - October

Winter aurora season: November - April.


Wildlife Buffalo Tours

Our Wildlife buffalo tours are offered during summer and fall season. On the wild tours you get close encounter with Wood Bison also known as Buffalo sometimes you might come across fox's, wolfs, bears and some other northern animals that share the same eco-system with us.

Duration: 6 hours

Cameron Falls Hiking Tours

Enjoy this 4-hour hiking day tour at Cameron falls and reconnect with nature and wildlife at its best. On this tour you will encounter some northern wildlife, take in stunning views, and learn about the region and wildlife! Our Cameron Falls hiking tours are offered during summer and winter season. 

Duration: 4 hours

Yellowknife city tour

Aboriginal Heritage Tours

A unique experience of Dene national aboriginal culture. Our partner is aboriginal and you are almost certain to get the best insight of the rich aboriginal culture. Aboriginal tours are offered throughout the year; however, early reservation is required during aurora borealis off season.

Duration: 3 hours

Ice Fishing Tours

At Arctic Tours we offer Great Slave Lake  ice fishing tours in heated ice fishing tents during winter aurora season. Start date depends on lake ice thickness. Approximate start date end of December till early April. Our Ice Fishing tours are hands on experience with demonstration from experienced tour guide. When you take our ice fishing tour you will learn   to fish like local Yellowknifer.                                                                   Duration: 4 hours 

Dog Sledding Tours

Our partners have won several Canadian Dog Derby championship. Meet the fastest sled dogs in Canada and see if you won't be thrilled on this tour. Dog sledding tour is one cozy thrill ride through the snowy ice that you definitely don’t want to miss. You thought driving a car was fun? Hold that thought until you try dog sledding. 

Tours run from November until April.

                                                                         Duration: 1 hour

Snow Mobile Tours

Experience a true northern winter adventure on a  snowmobile guided tour. Your expert guide will lead you on your adventure through frozen lakes and beautiful wilderness trails surrounding the city of Yellowknife.

Duration: (Approx 2 hours)

Minimum: 4 people

Yellowknife Sightseeing Tour

Discover Yellowknife the home for famous arctic diamonds, Ice Pilots television series and the spectacular Aurora Borealis on this 3-hour sightseeing tour.

Duration: (Approx 3 hours)

Minimum: 4 people

If you can walk, you can snowshoe. Explore Yellowknife with your guide on one of the most popular winter activity snowshoeing tour. Our snowshoeing tour takes you to breath taking Ice Cave. This is one of the most spectacular view you don't want to miss.  

 Duration: (Approx 2 hrs)

                                                                                                    Minimum: 4 people 

Explorer Yellowknife - Dettah Ice road on a two hour guided tour. Visit the snow Castle. Take some stunning photos of the Snow Castle and learn the history of the snow castle from the Snow King and crew.

Duration: (Approx 2 hours)

Minimum: 4 people

Dog Mushing on Wheels Experience

Experience dog mushing on wheels on dry land. On this two hours guided tour you will visit dog's kennels to learn the heritage of dog mushing and racing. Tour the kennels and ride ATV dog mushing pulled ride in  preparation training for winter dog sledding.

Duration: (Approx 2 hours)

Minimum: 4 people

Yellowknife group tour packages

Group Tours

You are planning to visit Yellowknife as a group and you don’t know what to expect? Don’t worry we can help you plan a perfect group tour. At Arctic Tours Canada we help you custom make a tour package that suites your group needs. The results is outstanding, as a group you will save a lot of money and at the same time the group get to enjoy subarctic adventures in                                                                                          aurora capital city of the world - Yellowknife.

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